ArchTriumph: International Architectural Competitions, Awards and Events
ArchTriumph is the first platform of its kind to launch a number of competitions simultaneously including an "Architecture Competition Winners (Winner of Winners)" spanning various topics within a number of categories. Winners will also get the the opportunity to be shortlisted for the planned Archtriumph's Annual Showcase "Triumph" Pavillion, aimed at shinning the spotlight on an aspiring architect or talent.

Our competitions are open to Individual or team of architects, graduate architects, student architects, urban planners, landscape designers, engineers all of which must comprise of at least one architect within the team (maximum of 4 individuals).

It is one of the only competition of its kind to give architects, graduate architects or student architect the opportunity to build or be involved in building a showcase structure of the kind.

We at ArchTriumph recognise that design competitions are a core process of the architecture practice in the real world and offer architects the unique and vital platform to pitch for work and present ideas.

Archtriumph Awards are an unusual opportunity for architects to develop informal opportunities for learning and promotion of their view on design or in general their designs.

Architects such as Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Richard Rogers, Dominiqeu Perrault, David Chipperfield and Zaha Hadid have had their careers made or enhanced by winning an important competition.

Our mission is to bring together the talent and creativity of various architects and designer onto this unique platform to celebrate the "Triumph of Architecture and Design". We believe that architecture has the power and capacity to influence the way a society views itself and functions. And to this end, We have set-out to encourage and motive architects (both aspiring and active) through our Competitions to be confident in the influence and power of architecture and to deliver specific and valuable content to architectural practices around the world in order for them to engage the premium readership of architects, designers, consumers and influencers.

We hope to encourage innovative and implementable design, without suppression of the vision to create designs that push the boundaries of what may seem possible.

We aim to recognise excellence in all areas of architectural design with the divesity of design topics within a number of categories.

We hope that architects will benefit from the opportunity and exposure derived from presenting their project affords them through participating in our competitions.

We hope to engage, explore and seek creative talent with our multi-category and multi-topic format and the Winners of Winners headline/main competition.

We aim to showcase interesting design concepts and to promote a new breed of architectural talent.

We hope to stimulate innovation and resposible design together with a strategic professional approach to architecture practice with its competitions.

ArchTriumph hopes it's Awards will become one of the most interesting and prestigious architecture prizes for aspiring and talented architects in celebrating the triumphant excellence of architecture. We hope the next prominents and innovative architects will be discovered through our competitions.

Finally, thank you for visiting us and we at ArchTriumph look forward to receiving an entry proposal from you in the near future. Goodluck!

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